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Mobile phone usage today accounts for the most of the information searched on the internet. With more than 2.25 billion mobile phone users worldwide, 35% of buyers use their mobile phones for faster access to information and products. Thus, for successful eMarketing and Commerce mobile web presence is a must to have for every business. Unfortunately, only a few web designers have the experience to build optimized and mobile friendly website and apps. At Effizo Web Technology, we specialize in dynamic and user-friendly mobile design tailored to clients' specific needs. We don't just design web and apps, we do cross browser testing and ensure our designs are optimized and tested across desktop and mobile devices.


Website creation process goes beyond outer appearance of a website and/or visual part of the websites. The process requires agile planning, execution and completion. Our mission at EFFIZO is to build effective and manageable website tailored to your specific need.
Using the best technology, we craft responsive, awesome, interactive, and user friendly website. With the best web technology, our technical researchers can help you choose the right tools to reach your goals with effectiveness and efficiency.


As the global market undergoes digital transformation, more organizations are being forced to compete in today's hyper competitive market. Using a combination of web technologies together with our unique approach, our marketing experts can increase your sales traffic, motivate potential clients to engage with your products or services, grow your online visibility, increase brand loyalty and ultimately promote your business.
We can help you use data to measure and improve your business performance. Our experts will analyse what you are doing online and how you can do it better.

Other Services

  • Platform Integration
  • Content Strategy
  • Expert Insight
  • IT Consulting
  • User Experience
  • Domain Registration
  • Email & Office Setup
  • Google Analytics
  • IT Security
  • Web Hosting
  • PowerPoint Design
  • Custom Report Development